Founded in 1995, eBay is one of the notable success stories of the dot-com bubble; it is now a multi-billion dollar business with operations localized in over thirty countries, providing an online auction and shopping website.


Head of Brand & Communications


As an innovative market leader, eBay's challenge was to increase their customer acquisitions with non-web savvy consumers. This required them to increase their external branding and ATL advertising campaigns, which traditionally they had not needed to do, in order to increase recognition, perception and subsequently acquisition of new customers.

The challenge was to source a Head of Brand & Communications with solid FMCG or Consumer experience that had previously held responsibility for a significant re-branding exercise for a large global business, contributing to an increase in acquisition of new customers through a well executed shift in brand perception.


Undertaking an exclusive search & selection process both to identify specific global consumer businesses and target appropriate candidates that had been instrumental in undertaking an elementary shift in the brand or product perception. The structured and targeted approach to map these consumer brands was resulted in the delivery of a shortlist within 6 weeks and a successful candidate being appointed.